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About Us

We welcome you to ShopsInMalls and we hope your experience is a happy and rewarding one as a seller, a buyer, a referrer or to contribute to charity.

The full list of features and functions of can be found on Features and Functions.

ShopsInMalls was set up principally to provide small to medium businesses a cheaper and much faster alternative to having their own website designed, purchasing domain names, paying for annual hosting, paying for search engine optimisation, and getting their heads around the whole process.

Basically you can register and add your own shop with 10 advertising spaces for just £10 for 5 years. And there are no commission charges when you sell items. You can re-use your adverts over and over again simply by changing the contents. 

ShopsInMalls provides a market place for shoppers to browse through and purchase products and services provided by shops in their area, within a specific category or products, (hence the name Malls) or nationally in the UK.

The concept of ShopsInMalls came about some years ago from one of the many brain storming sessions at Edge Impact Consulting Ltd., a company dedicated to developing proven successful websites in the UK since 2000 and who developed the website.

The launch of ShopsInMalls in 2008 we hope will help those businesses struggling to survive in the credit crunch to improve their exposure to the market and sell their products and services.

With our generous offer of Referral Payments and very low cost set ups we hope to spread the word to buyers and sellers across the UK in a very short space of time to establish as a place to come to. Please do what you can to refer others to the ShopsInMalls website and earn money in the process by giving them your referral code, which is their discount code.

Ken Good, Managing DirectorKen Good is Managing Director of both Edge Impact Consulting Ltd. and ShopsInMalls. Ken has many years experience in the software development arena including consulting for some of the largest companies in the UK.

ShopsInMalls is a website for you as a seller or buyer. If you have any suggestions to improve in any way we would love to hear from you. Please go to our Contact Us/Feedback page to submit any suggestions. Chances are that if you want something that we do not already provide then someone else will also want it.

We look forward to being of service to you all.


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