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Features and Functions

With the current difficult economic climate:

  1. Do you want to sell your handcrafted products online?
  2. Do you want to advertise your second-hand or nearly new items for sale?
  3. Do you want to promote your business†services online?
  4. Do you want to find products or services in your local area and support local businesses?
  5. Do you want to earn money†by referring others for a period of 5 years?
  6. Do you want to contribute to charity?††† allows:

Sellers to advertise products and services for sale at a very low cost.

Buyers to browse for items and business services either locally or nationally and place orders online.

Referrers can earn money for 5 years merely by referring others to the website.

Charities to register and receive a percentage of the net profits.

Sellers can:

  • Set up your own online shop to advertise products and services.
  • Get 10% discount off ShopsInMalls adverts for 12 months if you have been given a Referral Code.
  • Provide "About Us" information to your Shop.
  • Specify a stock level which is automatically updated when products are purchased so you don't have people ordering products that are out of stock.
  • Set up e-commerce facilities for online payment and/or allow buyers to pay by cheque.
  • Specify your own Terms and Conditions for your Shop.
  • Provide website links to your own external website.
  • Change your Shop details and products/services adverts online anytime you want to.
  • See details of orders, order items, buyer, and delivery details.
  • Provide the status of orders for buyers information.
  • Use a direct link to your own shop in the format so that you can refer others directly to your own shop.
  • Make an automatic contribution to Charity whenever paying money to ShopsInMalls due to ShopsInMalls charity donation scheme.

Buyers can:

  • Browse for products and services.
  • Search for products and services in "Malls" - a category, an area or nationally.
  • Add products and services to your cart.
  • Pay for products online or by cheque, dependent on an individual shop's configuration.
  • View current and previous orders online.
  • Use logon facilities provided so you don't have to enter your contact and delivery details every time you make a purchase.

Referrers can:

Once you have registered on ShopsInMalls you will receive a Referral Code which you can pass on to others to use when they register. Under the current scheme you will earn 9% of all the money ShopsInMalls earns from the people who buy advertising space using your referral code for 5 years from their registration (yes, that's right, 5 YEARS !). And you get 1% from those who they refer for the same period. The people who use your Referral Code get a 10% discount on any payments made to ShopsInMalls for a period of 1 year. That encourages them to use your Referral Code when registering.

Charity Contribution Schemes: are currently developing a charity scheme facility for the website. This is what it will do:

  • One or more Charity Schemes will be set up on the website from time to time.
  • The first scheme will be set up to donate 1% of the net profits of to charity.
  • The first scheme will be set up to run from the launch date which was 30th October 2008. Yes, it is already in operation ! It will probably run for one year and no longer.
  • Registered Charities will be required to register for each charity scheme.
  • Payout will be made to the charities registered on the scheme in the proportion to the number of votes received from registered users.
  • Each registered user can only vote once for each charity scheme.
  • Each charity will require a minimum number of votes to be eligible for the scheme. The first scheme will require 50 votes for each charity to be eligible for the payout.†

Do you know of any charities that would benefit? Forward them this information and encourage them to sign up or sign them up yourself. All you need is their name and charity registration number.

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