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Referral / Discount Scheme Payments

We have a Referral / Discount scheme where you could earn money by telling people about Basically how it works is:

1. You register on, which can be done for free. When you do you get an assigned Referral code. It is a code which you use to refer others to the website. It will usually be in the format for example "123ABC".

2. If you tell someone about ShopsInMalls and they register using your Referral code and pay for a Shop or individual adverts on the site, we will give you 9% of all revenue earned by ShopsInMalls from that client for the next 5 years, payable on a monthy basis within one month after the month that the payment was received.

3. When they register using your Referral code, they get a 10% discount on any money paid to ShopsInMalls for a whole year.

4. You get an additional 1% of all the revenue earned by ShopsInMalls from all the people they refer for the rest of your 5 year period.

5. You have an online facility to see how much you have earned month by month and when payment has been made to you. You need to logon to get access to your reports.

They are happy to get a discount for a year, they are happy to be given the opportunity to refer others and earn money from it for 5 years, you are happy to get a referral fee for 5 years from them and their referees, and we are happy to have new clients. How many people do you know who you can get to Advertise in ShopsInMalls, set up a Shop or even refer others to ShopsInMalls? It will be worthwhile for you to seek new clients! You work the numbers out... Don't forget to encourage others to buy from the ShopsInMalls website so Shops and Advertisers find it worthwhile to extend their membership and advertise their products again.

What does this mean to you? Some numbers: If you refer 1000 people and ShopsInMalls gets £100 from each one in the year then you get £9,000. If they continue to renew their membership and pay ShopsInMalls £100 each year for 5 years then you get £9,000 every year for 5 years. If each one of them referred just 1 other person and ShopsInMalls earned £100 in the year from each one of them then you will get a further £1,000 for each year they all pay ShopsInMalls £100.

How do you get people to renew their membership? You encourage others to buy from the website.

You can download business cards which you can print, cut out and hand to any prospective ShopsInMalls users by clicking on: ShopsInMallsBusCardsLowerResolution.pdf or ShopsInMallsBusCardsHighResolution.pdf

You can provide prospective users with the Features and Functions of the website by seeing our About Us Page.

Thank you for your assistance in making ShopsInMalls successful and we wish you all of the best of luck in improving your income at the same time.

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