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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can anyone set up a shop on ?

  Yes.  Just click on the Register button and enter your details to get started. Please read our Terms and Conditions pages to make sure you comply  with these.

2. How much does it cost to set up a shop on

  We have several different packages, but prices start from £10 for an online shop advertising 10 items for 5 years. You can update and change the items at any time.

3. How can I earn money through

  When you register on you will be given a Referral Code.  If you then tell someone about our site and they decide to set up a shop or sell their private products with us, ask them to enter your Referral Code when they register in order to get a 10% discount on the cost of selling on  We will then know that you recommended them to our site and we will give you 9% of all revenue ShopsInMalls earns from them for 5 years. You will also earn 1% from all the revenue ShopsInMalls earns from the people they referred.

4. Can I sell my second-hand items on

  Yes, register on the site and either purchase credits to sell Private Products or setup your own Shop.  Remember to enter your Referral Code if someone recommended you to the site and you will receive a 10% discount on all your advertising costs for 12 months.

5. How can customers pay me for items I want to sell on

  There are currently 3 different payment options for customers but you can choose any number of the 3 you wish to accept – Paypal, WorldPay and  Cheque.  If you are currently registered with Paypal or WorldPay you can enter your existing details to accept payment through your account.  Alternatively buyers can select Pay by Cheque and submit payment to you that way.

6. I only provide my gardening services within my local area.  Should I still advertise on

  Absolutely, your potential customers can search for services within specific areas.

7. The product I want to sell does not fit into any of the Categories on  What should I do?

  Please contact us via the Contact Us page and let us know what you want.  We will then look into adding a suitable category for your product.

8. I like to buy products within my local area.  Can help me with my search?

  Yes.  Click on Advanced Search and enter your specific search criteria.

9.  Can you suggest a great gift for my daughter’s birthday?

  Yes, we have many categories of Gift Ideas with exciting ideas for suitable gifts for any occasion.

10. Can I give customers a direct link to my ShopsInMalls shop?

  Yes, when you register a shop, enter the name you want for your shop in the URL section.  For example, let’s say your shop is called “Blacks” and  you enter “blacks” as your URL, your direct link to your ShopsInMalls shop will be “”.




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