Terms & Conditions


User - any Internet user who may access the www.ShopsInMalls.co.uk website.

Registered User - anyone who registers on the www.ShopsInMalls.co.uk website.

Seller/s - those Registered Users who are advertising items for sale on www.ShopsInMalls.co.uk.

  1. ShopsInMalls provide a facility for Users to set up their own shop and/or sell products through the www.ShopsInMalls.co.uk website.
  2. ShopsInMalls commit to provide an environment for Sellers and buyers to come together in order for Sellers to promote their businesses, advertise and sell their products online.
  3. Pornography or the advertising of any illegal items or substances will not be allowed on the www.ShopsInMalls.co.uk website.
  4. It is the Registered Users responsibility to ensure that only acceptable products are advertised.
  5. ShopsInMalls are principally an advertising website and do not own or control any individual Registered Users and shops advertising within www.ShopsInMalls.co.uk.
  6. ShopsInMalls charge for advertising only and no revenue is taken for products sold.
  7. All purchases from Sellers are strictly between the Seller and the buyer and ShopsInMalls does not warrant or imply any guarantee in any shape or form.
  8. Should a User feel they have a complaint about a Seller that is not being resolved by the Seller then the User is free to lodge a complaint to ShopsInMalls and ShopsInMalls will take what ever action it deems necessary and fair to resolve the issue between a User and a Seller.
  9. Payments made to Sellers is done through the Sellers online payment facilities which are not the same payment facilities ShopsInMalls may have. ShopsInMalls merely provide the tools for Sellers to set up their own payment processing with online payment providers and to connect to them from the www.ShopsInMalls.co.uk website. No revenue for purchases is taken by ShopsInMalls on behalf of Sellers.
  10. No refunds for payments made to ShopsInMalls will be made.
  11. Any seller found to be breaching any of the terms and conditions of the ShopsInMalls website may be removed from the website without prior notice.
  12. The decision to remove a Registered User and/or any of their products in breach of these terms and conditions on www.ShopsInMalls.co.uk will be made by ShopsInMalls and the Registered User notified of the reasons accordingly. No discussion thereto will be entered into with ShopsInMalls.
  13. These terms and conditions are liable to change at any time. It is the responsibility of all users of the ShopsInMalls website to keep up to date with ShopsInMalls terms and conditions.

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